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6-5=2 Hindi Movie Preview Ratings

6-5=2 Hindi Movie Preview Ratings: When we talk about strange names there are very few films that come to our mind but this time a movie which is about to be released have a name which is the strangest among the lot of the strange movies the name is “6-5=2” yes it seems strange but it is true it is the title of the movie and it is scheduled to release on the 14th of November, actually it is a remake of a Kannada horror film which was released on Oct 2013 with the same name the remake has been directed & produced by Bharat Jain.


6-5=2 Hindi Movie Preview Ratings

6-5=2 Hindi Movie Preview Ratings

The movie is a story of six friends whose adventure of mountain tracking turns into their most fiery nightmare as they found themselves involved in many accidents and ill happenings during the course of the adventure, they all later find the video recordings of the people who died during the accidents or went missing the movie has been told as the friends that survived watches those videos.

As there has been a flurry of horror movies in the recent past and the trend of a remaking is at its peak this can be another movie made just to cash the heat of the box office and if that is so much cannot be expected, but on the other hand being the remake of a hit Kannada film the film could surprise the audience, cast is new and could create wonder if they are capable enough, let’s hope that the movie could at least have an impact on the audience as audience have been starving for a good quality horror movie from a long time.

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