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Chaar Sahibzade Movie First Day Collection Prediction

Chaar Sahibzade Movie First Day Collection Prediction: The history of all religions in the world have their religious text written by pen and paper but the Sikh history has been written by the edge of the sword and the sword in the color of the blood this theme of the Sikh religion is show cased this week with the release of the first Punjabi animated 3D film Chaar Sahibzade.


Chaar Sahibzade Movie First Day Collection Prediction

As the title clearly specifies that the movie is about the four guru sons Ajit Singh, Jujhar Singh, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh who sacrificed their lives for their religion and on one order of their father Guru Gobind Singh who on their death says “char muye toh kya hua jeevit h hazaar” (so what if I have lost my four sons I have thousands of sons alive).

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Chaar Sahibzade Movie First Day Collection Prediction

Being the first animation 3D Punjabi movie the expectations has increased an average Punjabi movie normally earns 8 to 10cr but having the budget of 20cr and released in 3 different languages Hindi, English and Punjabi the movie is potentially very efficient to earn more than 30cr so let’s wait for the audience to decide what will be the real estimated figure.

Chaar Sahibzade Movie First Day Collection: 2.90 Cr

Chaar Sahibzaade Movie Total Collection Report Here

Chaar Sahibzade Cast & Crew:

  • Banner
  • Baweja Movies
  • Status
  • Completed
  • Release Date
  • 7 Nov 2014
  • Genre
  • Animation, 3D
  • Producer
  • Pammi Baweja

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  1. excellent movie

  2. Very very very excellent movie


  4. Excellent, MOVI NHI HA AA,,IK SACH HA …sahibjadeya baare kuch kehn lai shabd nhi ha…

  5. Dasmesh pita na honde ta shyaad aae desh na Honda “jo Bolee Sonihal satshriakal”

  6. no words to describe

  7. no words to describe them such a heart touching movie. audience please must watch it

  8. great movie every one should watch thi movie ,how Guru Gobind Singh son’s fought and gave their lives for protecting Hindu religion ,Hats off to you it teaches everyone a great lesson .

  9. Shabd he ni h kuch kehne ko bs itna bolugi ki wahyguru Ji ka khalsa wahyguru Ji ki fateh…

  10. Ekampreet bargari

    I like this movie very very much oh sorry movie nhi a slice aa movie nhi aa

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