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Chocolate Day One Line Status Short WhatsApp Facebook SMS Wishes

Chocolate Day One Line Status Facebook SMS Wishes Short WhatsApp: First of all, we wish Happy Chocolate Day 2018. Chocolate Day is the 3rd day of the Valentines Week. In this latest article, we are providing Heart Touching Romantic Chocolate Day FB Whatsapp SMS Messages. Valentine’s Week is the most popular festival among the youngster. They never miss this sweet & romantic festival. Chocolate day is coming in the third position. The Chocolate day has its own significance like other festivals.

This day is the symbol of the sweetness of love. People give chocolate to their sweetheart and lover to show that their love is sweet like chocolate. This is the Chocolate day’s tradition. Lots of youth use expensive chocolate day gift to impress their partner. But the sweetness of love does not depend on any precious gift. It depends on people’s thinking. Someone likes expensive gift but someone not. So, it’s just your thinking. Now scroll the page and enjoy these Chocolate Day Special Whatsapp Status and Facebook Messages.

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Chocolate Day One Line Status Facebook SMS Wishes Short WhatsApp

Chocolate Day One Line Short WhatsApp Status Facebook SMS Wishes

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  • Some people call it Chocolate. I call it breakfast!!!
  • I wish chocolate would shrink my ass instead of my pants
  • Chocolate flows in deep dark, sweet waves, a river to ignite my mind and alert my senses
  • Out of chocolate…life is crap!
  • The idea of a good balanced diet is… A piece of chocolate in each hand.
  • I believe chocolate can solve any problem 🙂
  • I’ve been reading about the ill effects of chocolate and alcohol so I have decided to give up reading.
  • WARNING!! chocolate causes clothes 2 shrink!!
  • Today is a great day for chocolate! Because It’s “CHOCOLATE DAY” Friends
  • Chocolate and Friends are best medicines than Laughter
  • These are my two new best friends, Coffee, and Chocolate: neither talk back to me and both make me feel “Great..!”
  • A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!
  • All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!
  • Since chocolate comes from beans, chocolate is technically a vegetable, and vegetables are good for you. Works for me!
  • I suffer from “chocophobia” .. a totally logical fear that the world will run out of chocolate.

Chocolate Day One Line Status Short WhatsApp Facebook SMS Wishes

‘Love is like a chewing gum, it tastes only in the beginning!
But friendship is like chocolate, it tastes till it ends!’
Happy Chocolate Day

“There’s nothing better than a good friend,
except a good friend with chocolate.”
Happy Chocolate Day !!!

You Entered My Life Like A Hot Chocolate Fudge,
Lets Enjoy The Rest Of It Together Before It Melts Or How About
This Kitkaty Chocolate Day

It’s chocolate day. And i am looking forward to
get dipped in your sweet and passionate love..
Happy Chocolate Day

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