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Happy Diwali Jokes | Happy Diwali Funny Quotes, Text Msgs, SMS Wishes

Happy Diwali jokes | Happy Diwali funny quotes, txt msgs, SMS wishes: Diwali is the biggest festival of Hindu religion. This festival is celebrated all over the world with great pomp and joy.

It is celebrated in the month of October or November. This year it will be celebrated on 7th November 2018. On this day, people put on new clothes. They go to the market and buy utensils, fruits, and many more things. At night, there is light everywhere.

People light lamps and candles in rows. Children play with fireworks and crackers. At night, people worship Laxmi and Ganesh, the goddess of health and wealth.

They pray for health, wealth, and prosperity. Some foolish people gamble on this day. It is an evil practice. It should be stopped.

Happy Diwali jokes | Funny Quotes, Text Msgs, SMS Wishes

Here we are providing Happy Diwali jokes | Happy Diwali funny quotes, txt msgs, SMS wishes. You guys must be searching for Diwali jokes, Diwali funny SMS, Diwali wishes in Hindi. Now I think you got that.

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Diwali jokes in hindi english | Diwali funny quotes | Diwali txt sms msgs | happy diwali wishes

फुलझड़ी और पटाखा

संता बंता आपस में बातचीत कर रहे थे.

संता ने पूछा- पटाखा और फुलझड़ी का मतलब  बता सकते हो.

बंता बोला- हां बिलकुल! मेरी वाइफ तो पटाखा है और.

उसकी बात पूरी हुई नहीं थी कि संता बोल पड़ा-  मेरी फुलझड़ी.


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दीपावली की शॉपिंग

बाजार में कई जगह पटाखें देखकर थक चुकी पत्नी अपने पति से बोली-जल्दी-जल्दी कुछ न कुछ खरीद लो. क्या चकरी की तरह गोल-गोल घूमकर टाइम पास कर रहे हो. जल्दी कुछ लेते क्यों नहीं.

बनिए की पत्नी बीमार थी, लाईट न होने की वजह से उसने कैंडल जला दी और बोला: डॉक्टर को लेने जा रहा हूँ, अगर तुम्हे लगे की तुम नहीं बचोगी तो प्लीज़ कैंडल बुझा देना.

Main aasha karta hun
Ki iss diwali ke sunder mauke pe,
Diwali ki aloakik Prakaash se,
Tumhare dimaag me kuch ujala ho.
Aur tum insaano jaisa Vyavhaar karna shuru kardo……!!!!

Stylish Breakup –
Boy bought a gift for his girlfriend.
G.F : what the hell wud i do with this diwali rocket ??
Boy : you wanted stars naa ?
Now sit on it and Get lost

Diwali jokes in Hindi English | Diwali funny quotes | Diwali txt SMS msgs | happy Diwali wishes

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