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The Most Interesting Place Visited By Me

The Most Interesting Place Visited By Me: Zoo is the place where birds and animals of different kinds and colors are kept. A visit to the zoo is always very interesting. It adds to our knowledge.

The Most Interesting Place Visited By Me

One day, my friend and I went to see the zoo. It is housed in Purana Qila in New Delhi. The entry was by tickets. We bought tickets and went in. There was a great hustle and bustle inside.

First of all we saw water-birds, ducks and cranes in the pond. On one side there were apes and monkeys in different cages. The monkeys were jumping on the branches of the trees. We threw parched grams. They ate theme up very greedily. Some of them made faces at us. The ‘Hook Monkey’ provided a lot of amusement to the visitors.

In other cages lions, tigers, wolves, bears, foxes and zebras were kept. The lion was sleeping and the lioness was playing with her cub. They looked very fearful. They roared at us and we moved on. The white tiger was a great attraction.

Then we came to the glass house. Birds and snakes of different kinds and colors were kept in them. The birds were chirping. Their notes were pleasing. But the snakes were hissing. So they looked fearful and we moved on.

Last of all we enjoyed an elephant ride and returned home. Its memory is still fresh in my mind.

Updated: September 30, 2014 — 2:17 pm

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