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Onam Craft Ideas Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos

Onam Craft Ideas Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos: Collection Boxoffice team brings you some latest unique and Simple craft ideas for the Onam festival. These unique ideas will help to design a best Onam craft 2016. You can use these crafts to decorate your home. You can give these onam crafts to your special friends as a gift. So just scroll down and check it out these wonderful Onam craft ideas and make use of them yourself.

Onam Craft Ideas Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos

1. Lampshade Decoration Craft


Materials Required:

1) Fabric Lampshade (size and shape depends on your preference)

2) Tracing Paper

3) A Pair of scissors

4) Yellow and green textured paper (Use thin paper so that it allows some light to pass through)

5) Glue stick

6) Water-based Acrylic Varnish

7) Soft and Sharp pencils

8) Fine black felt-tipped pen

9) Paintbrush



1) Draw the outline of any flower of your choice on a tracing paper. Make the drawing more prominent with a black pen. The designs should be small.


2) Place the yellow paper over this design. Trace the shape on the yellow paper again using the sharp pencil. Make similar designs on both the yellow and the green paper.


3) When you have finished, cut the shapes out. Smoothen any crease on the paper shapes with the palm of your hand.


4) Using glue, paste the paper flowers on the lampshade properly. Evenly space out the flowers to fill the lampshade without leaving too much gap.


5) When the flowers have sticked and the glue has dried, make similar shaped calyx and stem out of the remaining paper and glue them under each blossom. Allow 2-3 hours to let the glue dry. Apply two coats of varnish on the lampshade. It will make for an attractive decor item.

2. Paper Garland


Materials Required:

1) A few tissue papers

2) White glue/Glue stick

3) A pair of scissors

4) A long piece of thread (optional)

5) A long piece of copper wire

6) Ribbons



1) Cut several strips of tissue papers. Apply glue on alternate corners of the strips and attach one of them with another to form a garland. A glue stick will appropriately suit your purpose.


2) Bend the coper wire into a circle and pass the ends through the garland chain.


3) Tie ribbons at several points of the garland ring to keep the tissue and copper wire together.


4) Try to hang the garland at some location of your home. If you find the garland heavy to hang, pass a string through its centre for additional support.


3. Scarecrow decor


Materials Required:

1) Straw hats – 2 (1 of 15″ size and another of 10″)

2) Raffia

3) Felt

4) Pipe cleaner

5) Ribbon

6) Craft glue



1) Cut the 10″ hat from the middle.


2) Roll out the rafia and place it on the crown of the bigger 15″ hat.


3) Attach the raffia to the hat with glue. This will be the hair of the scarecrow.


4) Apply glue on the cut edge of the smaller hat and place atop hair and against brim of the bigger hat.


5) Cut triangular shapes out of felt. Attach these on the crown to form eyes and nose of the face of your scarecrow.


6) Bend the pipe cleaner in a zig zag fashion. Glue it to the crown to form the mouth.


7) You will need a small package of colored raffia (if available). Spread out and place on the crown of the 16″ hat. This is representing the hair on his/her head.


Glue raffia in place with thick designer tacky or hot glue whichever is available to you. Now place glue on the cut edge of the 12″ hat and place atop hair and against brim of 16″ hat. Cut triangles out of felt for eyes and nose. Place on crown forming face. Use a black pipe cleaner for his mouth. Bend pipe cleaner /\/\/\/\/\ so it looks like that. Glue to crown. Make a bow for neck area (under crown) and glue in place.


Tips: I put fall leaves on top of his hat to also give some color. It can be done actually with any size hat, just adjust accordingly.


Happy Onam Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos


Onam Craft Ideas Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos

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Onam Craft Ideas Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos

Onam Craft Ideas Handmade Paintings Greeting Cards Images Photos

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