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Recollections of Early Childhood A Short Essay

Recollections of Early Childhood A Short Essay:¬†Childhood is the happiest period of one’s life. It has been called the golden period of life.The sweet memories of childhood stick to one’s memory like a pleasant dream.

Recollections of Early Childhood A Short Essay

In my childhood I knew no worry. I had no responsibility. I got everything without doing anything. My every wish i was readily fulfilled. I enjoyed perfect freedom. I could say anything to anybody. Nobody took offence. Even my meaningless words would be a source of joy to my parents. I had a great power of imitation. I imitated the actions, movements and gestures of grown up people. Often i tried to walk like my grandfather.

My grandmother was perhaps my best friend. She was full of stories. Often i would ask her to tell me tales of princes and fairies. I spent most of my time with her. Whenever my mother got angry with me, my grandmother was always there to protect me. I was very credulous in my childhood. I was an innocent as a lamb. I was, however, very curious by nature. I was always eager to know why and how of everything.

But gone are the days of childhood. Only sweet recollections of that golden period are left. Would that i was a child again!

Updated: October 2, 2014 — 4:51 am

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