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Salmaan Khan New Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Bio Hot Wallpapers

Salmaan Khan New Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Bio Hot Wallpapers: Recently the corridors of Bollywood were hot with the chat about the wedding of Salmaan Khan’s sister which was a mega affair and has many unforgettable moments to it, one of those moments was the Salmaan khan introducing his new girlfriend “Lulia Vantur” to his family thus a new debate has set on the Bollywood street that whether this would be the girl that Salmaan khan will marry, even Salmaan has not ruled out the chances of marrying her in the upcoming year. As Salmaan is the most eligible bachelor of the country his girlfriends has always been a thing of interest for the fans here we bring you the whole information about Salmaan new girlfriend “Lulia Vantura”.

Salmaan Khan New Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Bio Hot Wallpapers

Iulia is a Romanian television presenter and actress born on 24th July, 1980 in Iasi, Romania. She took her education on faculty of law and has started working as a TV presenter and model at the age of 15. She started working with Europa Nova a local TV station at the age of 19. In 2006 she moved to Bucharest where she was appointed to present some morning shows and a pro TV show “Dancing”. Iulia is sports enthusiastic girl as she has practiced volleyball when she was a child and is continuing with tennis and basketball. Her love relations have always been interesting before meeting Salmaan khan she was in a relationship with Marius Moga, a Grammy nominated Romanian producer, composer and singer, famous in eastern and central Europe. During the period of their relationship they visited India in 2011 but now have broken up. Iulia was so depressed by this break up that she even visited the psychiatrist to overcome the depression she was going through she is a Romanian beauty and has now just arrived in Bollywood with an item song in the movie titled as “O Teri”.

As Salmaan khan has introduced her to the family as her new girlfriend at the Arpita’s wedding the rumors are high that Salmaan khan has finally found a girl that he feels like spending life with and these two will soon be wedded as Salmaan has not ruled out the fact that wedding could take place this year itself.

Personal Profile of Lulia.   

Name: Lulia Vantur

Birthday: July24, 1980

Age: 33 years (approx)

Religion: not known (favourably Christian)

Place of birth: Lasi, Romania

Height: 1.78m (approx)

Salmaan Khan New Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Hot Wallpapers Images


Salmaan Khan New Girlfriend Lulia Vantur Bio Hot Wallpapers

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