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The Happiest Day of My Life Ever

The Happiest Day of My Life Ever: Life is full of tears and smiles. In everyone’s life fortunes smiles and frowns in turn. I remember a day when I was fortune’s favourite. That was 6th June, 2006. It was happiest day of my life.

The Happiest Day of My Life Ever

I had appeared in the board examination. I was eagerly waiting for the result. Early in the morning of 6th June the newspaper boy came. I looked through the paper. The result had been declared. My name was second in the merit list. This news brought a wave of joy in the family. I was mad with joy. My labour was amply rewarded. The neighbors started pouring in. The congratulated me and my parents. Soon my friends and relatives started coming. They were happy at my glorious success. They were praising me. I was in a dreamland then. My whole future course of life seemed to have changed.

In the afternoon we received a telegram. It was from the Birla Trust. They offered me a scholarship for studies abroad. It opened the gate of progress for me. I started dreaming of a flight in an aeroplane, meeting new men and visiting new places.

When luck favours, it knows no limit. In the evening we received another telegram from Kolkata. It was from my brother. He had four daughters, but no son. That very morning he was blessed with a son. What a news! My brother had all along been praying for a grandson. That day her prayers bore fruit. That day really brought unlimited happiness to all of us.

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