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Tihar 2075 Best Wishes | Messages SMS in Nepali

Tihar 2075 Best Wishes| Messages SMS in Nepali: Tihar festival is most famous is Nepal country. This festival is celebrated after 20 days of Dashain. Here we are providing Tihar 2075 Best Wishes Messages SMS in the Nepali language. You can use these Tihar 2075 Best Wishes Messages SMS to wish Tihar 2075 to your friends and family members. Don’t forget to share this article on different social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


Tihar 2075 Best Wishes | Messages SMS in Nepali

Ghar ma Laxmi ko baas hos,
Satruko naas hos,
Harek kamana fulfil hos,
beer ko barsat hos
Ani haatma 21 patti Taas hos.
Tihar Ko Shubhakamana khaas hos… .

#Happy Tihar 2075 Best Wishes#

Sunaulo kadam ko sath aun laxmi je tapai ko dwar,
Sukha samridhi laun garnus mero suvakamana sweekar.

Chawal ko Roti, pyaj & Mula aalu ko Aachar,
Surya Ko Kiran, Khushi ko Bahar,
Chandra Ko Chandi, Tapai ko Pyar,
Suvakamana tapai lai, Deepawali ko Tihar Wishes

#Happy Tihar 2018 Text SMS#

With gleam of Diyos
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life
Wishing you and your family
Happy and Prosperous Deepwali!!
Happy Tihar Quotes in Nepali

#Happy Tihar 2075 Messages#

Ye bhanabhana bhai ho…. deusi re.
Ye Tihar ko Mangal maye subhakamana….deusi re.
Ye ramrari bhana……deusi re.
Ye mobile ma lekhera bhana….deusi re.
Ye nepali ma lekhera bhana…..deusi re.
Ye Happy Tihar………………….deusi re.
Ye Yo Ghara Katro……………….Deusi re
He Darbara Jatro…….Deusi re.
Tihar Wishes Messages 2075

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